chez antoinette

Hello, #SundayBrunchDay!

I realize Sunday is nearly over, but you can make any day #BrunchDay and should you ever happen to stroll through London on a beautifully sunny morning you should take the time to enjoy a relaxed brunch at Chez Antoinette.

Simple, seasonal, delightful French food; antique furniture, mismatched porcelain, exposed stone and low ceilings. With the option to sit indoors or outdoors, this tiny tartinerie feels like a small kitchen in South-East France.

Organic breads, home-baked pastries, bright fruits and vegetables, fresh cheeses, the list goes on. I could eat here every week for the rest of my life and forever be content, because how can one tire of delicious, elegant, comforting food?

He chose a croque-monsieur — fromage, jambon, confit d’onions, I had a poached egg on sourdough toast, we both drank tea as the British do (I probably drink more tea than the queen herself), it was lovely. It was lovely, and the most wonderful start to our engagement. Of the three days that we spent in London last month two were partially dedicated to walking the cobbled streets of Covent Garden and savoring the beautiful flavours at Chez Antoinette, which is located in the heart of the markets. We had brunch there two days in a row. I can still taste my goat cheese-slathered bread, topped with tart blueberries and sweet honey.

Post-brunch we walked around Covent Garden and explored said markets. The streets were busy and warm, the people friendly, our bellies full and our faces smiling.

I wish that every Sunday could be a #SundayBrunchDay in London… and preferably at Chez Antoinette.

When you know how to pair the simplest of ingredients together the flavours will marry and bloom into something delectable. Inspired by recreating the authenticity and nostalgia of her childhood at her grandmother’s, the architect of this gem has immensely succeeded.

Brunch should be comfortable, taste homemade and a little (or a lot) indulgent, feel calming and happy, be enjoyed in good company, happen often, and is at its best when reminiscent of a holiday.

I completely recommend this adorable breath of fresh air in the heart of a bustling city as your next brunch location.

Oh, but you aren’t in London? That’s alright, neither am I at the moment. Book a flight and allow me to join you, I know the perfect place for us to go.

Where is your brunch sweet-spot?




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