vegan chocolate brownies

Jamie Oliver can do no wrong. You may disagree with me and, if that is the case, I don’t want to hear about it. Just kidding, but please check out his work and it’ll change your mind →

I remember having watched his cooking shows for years and years, and always thought he was adorable. He is always laughing, creates mouth-watering recipes, is British (always a win), does a ton of charity and community work, and has given his five children nature names — Petal, River, Daisy, etc etc, I mean COME ON.

And in other news Jamie Oliver has a bomb brownie recipe. Not only is it super-chocolaty and scrumptious, it is also vegan. Win, win! This quickly became my go-to brownie recipe though, of course, I do not follow baking recipes to the letter and somewhat alter it each time that I make it.

Tonight I worked out for the first time in longer than I care to admit in order to get back onto the booty gain train, and then decided to reward myself with some brownies. That is called balance, my friends. Squats for brownies, gains either way 😉

Below is my printout of the original recipe (that you can find right here) in all its scribbled on splattered on glory.


Each time that I make these brownies I modify my recipe a little, but what I have written on my copy above is my usual “base” version.

A handful of other things that I like to change, depending on my mood/ingredients on hand/and so on:

∞ almond milk instead of soy milk

∞ teaspoon or so of cinnamon

∞ half coconut oil, half vegan butter

∞ no nuts! nuts do not belong in brownies, IMO

∞ half wholewheat flour, half white flour

I tend to find that 22-23 minutes is the perfect bake time in my oven, and that they are easy to over bake so keep an eye on them. Tonight they came out a little more gooey than usual and I am all about that. I happen to be the biggest self-critic of all time and never fail to analyze what I love or not so much love about how my recipes turn out, no matter how many times I have made them. Hence the scribbling and testing and modifying.

The bottom line is that this recipe is pretty straight forward and the results are a real treat.

This is also my “I’m here to prove that not all vegan food is healthy” recipe for anybody still convinced that all vegans eat are lettuce leaves and carrot sticks.

So try it out, switch it up, feed it to your non-vegan friends, follow Jamie Oliver on Instagram, do some squats, and share your thoughts with me.

Happy baking!




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